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We are all about bringing high quality ideas to life.  They are at the core of effective and engaging communication and brand value. Relationships and people are what we are passionate about, and whatever the challenge, big or small, we are committed to deliver great ideas that will strengthen the bonds between our clients and their target clientele.

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Banana Seeds is made up of specialists in product, graphic and web design, strategy and filmmaking with an only objective: to make you stand out with a great idea.

We are a multicultural team with experience working in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Panama, USA, UK, Costa Rica, Poland and China.

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banana seeds pill

They are video-pills where creative people share their thoughts and their works.

The first pill is with the talented Italian photographer Alessia Rollo.

If you also want to have your own Banana Pill and show your creative work, whatever your discipline is, please get in touch for more info.

Alessia Rollo


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Please get in touch if you want to know more about Banana Seeds, ask for a quote or discuss a future project.

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I saw the video when I was considering applying for the master degree in C4D, Cranfield University. It clearly, vividly and briefly gave me an idea of the degree, faculty members, learning facilities, cultural atmosphere and living environment. With a film production background, I have to admit that its editing rhythm and soundtrack may emotionally influenced my decision making, this was the only course I applied for, which was a crucial decision of my life.
Yi WuInternational Master Student at C4D