Video and Photo Company focused on bringing high quality ideas to life. They are at the core of effective and successful communication. We develop engaging audiovisual experiences and image storytelling in the form of impact video and photography.

Our key skills as a business are creativity, efficiency and promptness. We are committed to deliver our videos within a maximum of a month from the filming.

Banana Seeds specialises in communications for SMEs and not-for-profit organisations in the UK. Relationships and people are what we are passionate about, and whatever the challenge, big or small, we convey great ideas that will strengthen the bonds between our clients and their target clientele.


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Himpac Hub Birmingham Kickstarte Campaign

Impact Hub Birmingham Kickstarter Campaign

Banana Seeds is actively involved in the Impact Hub Birmingham as part of the Maker Team. The Impact HUB community is made of passionate and purpose driven change makers who want to build a better world together. This is the video we created for the Impact HUB Birmingham kickstarter campaign to open a space for co-working, events and exciting programmes.

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We produce video-pills where creative people share their thoughts and their works.

The new pill is with the talented Dr Melissa Grant who introduce us to her thrilling project ‘Bioprospecting Birmingham’.

If you also want to have your own Banana Pill and show your creative work, whatever your discipline is, please get in touch for more info.


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